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Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that making a difference is not so much about grand gestures but more about identifying a need and meeting that need. The fact that we are a growing firm does not lessen our responsibility, nor does it restrict the strong concern we feel and role we play when it comes to community involvement. We demonstrate this commitment by helping those in need, making changes to our business practices that are environmentally responsible and sustainable and providing pro bono services.

Environmental Practice

Operating in an environmentally and socially responsible way is standard practice in our office and we view compliance with environmental law as an obligation. We pay particular attention to our energy consumption, waste production and recycling methods. Through the introduction of our Reduce-Recycle-Reuse initiative we aim to minimize our environmental impact on the planet and make a conscious effort to keep abreast of the trends in environmentally-friendly practices.

Pro Bono

We encourage our team of legal talent to value our commitment to giving back. Our pro bono programme allows our lawyers to dedicate their time to public service and provide expert legal advice at no cost to those most in need and lend our service on a discounted basis to charities and NGO’s. We are proud that we can use our knowledge and passion for the law to make a contribution and hopefully a difference to worthy causes.


We are a local firm concerned about our local community. It’s important to us and we are continually working to contribute in meaningful ways to strengthen and support our communities. This year will mark the beginning of our Read, Educate and Develop (READ) mentoring scheme for primary school students. Through READ we aim to promote not only the importance of literacy but the joy of reading to young children. An opportunity that will help improve their skills, build confidence in their language abilities and which will serve them in their further education, careers and throughout their lives.

We believe that sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge is fundamental to education so alongside our READ scheme we will run TIPS, a career advice and guidance scheme for secondary and university students thinking about their higher education and career choices respectively. Through the use of our extensive business and social networks, we hope to make a difference in the lives of students and graduates.