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Development Agencies, Inter-Government And Not for profit Organisations

Impala Legal’s development agencies, inter governmental and not-or-profit organizations team is probably the only specialist kind of its nature in our jurisdiction – we have simply distinguished ourselves in this line of legal practice and have results to show for it.

Successfully operating in any market, whether international or domestic, requires an understanding of that region’s unique socioeconomic and geopolitical environments and stakeholders—an especially difficult task in markets where stability and transparency are often lacking.

Developing markets where the worlds of business, politics and ethnic diversity overlap provides the additional challenge of navigating the relationships among the individuals, organizations and issues that can impact a business. Organisations have taken on an increasingly important and influential stakeholder role in many of these developing markets and can have a profound impact on business operations.

At Impala Legal, our professionals can provide knowledge and analyses of these challenging environments and can help entities develop strategies to work with key stakeholders to best understand the impact of an entity’s operations and the area where it operates. In addition to our in-house specialists, we maintain good relations with a number of well-positioned people with hands-on experience in almost areas of departments where our clients seek to transact.

Our network provides extensive knowledge, facility and judgment regarding both legal and practical considerations and extensive experience of interaction with the key people and entities that follow these issues.