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Employment And labour Law

Impala Legal is a clear leader in employment and labour law matters having consistently and successfully advised some of the largest private employers on a variety of concerns in this area of the law.

The integration of the East African labour market presents many complex structural and frictional constraints that call for harmonisation of Labour policies, laws and programmes. East Africa is quickly catching up with the rest of Africa and the world at large, and the manner in which human resources operate is becoming increasingly complicated in its rapidly changing legal environment. Therefore it is imperative to have access to sound legal counsel when it comes to dealing with issues related to employment.

Our expertise has enabled the firm to advise the region’s and the world’s leading companies and financial institutions on their retirement benefit schemes, fund management and associated requirements. Our team is therefore able to give expertise advice on plan design and structure, corporate transactions, regulatory issues, corporate governance, employment issues, trusts and data protection.

Transactional work is central to Impala Legal’s employment and incentives practice in a variety of employment and labour issues under wide circumstances.

In contentious employment cases, Impala Legal’s Advocates appears in all employment courts, defending discrimination and dismissal claims. The team’s familiarity with all aspects of law and the various developments thereunder emphasises its commitment to best practice in this area. We advise both employers and employees on the entire spectrum of employment law and our service compliments the services of in-house team.

We represent management and employees in a wide range of cutting-edge advice on day-to-day issues of employment and disputes that arise in the workplace. These include:

  • » Contractual negotiation and drafting of employment contracts
  • » Non-compete agreements for employees
  • » Recruitment and retention of employees
  • » Employee transfers,
  • » Discrimination, health and safety matters
  • » Immigration
  • » Preparation of employment manuals and or hand books
  • » Executive employment and compensation planning
  • » Pension related issues
  • » Workplace conflicts and disputes (unpaid wages, overtime, or minimum wage
        violations employment discrimination, civil rights, sexual harassment claims)
  • » Collective bargaining agreements with labour unions
  • » Negotiation of severance and buy-out agreements
  • » Negotiation of independent contractor and consulting agreements