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True Experts in Local Knowledge

Global growth starts with local experience. We have a long heritage in the legal fraternity but there’s nothing old-fashioned about our thinking. Our lawyers have the confidence to think creatively, to take carefully calculated risks and to support new approaches in our client work to provide cutting edge solutions.

We are an expanding firm developing into an intensively competent one-stop-shop solutions commercial practice.

Our ability to spot changing trends and adapt to them quickly has underpinned that growth which is why since inception we have been able to attract and establish global relationships with leading commercial firms all over the world particularly in the East and the Central African region opening up important new strategic markets for our clients.

It is why we are continuing to build and develop the network of associate law firms we work with in various countries, regularly bringing them together with our own lawyers and our clients to share ideas and strengthen working ties.

Because our culture is built on the idea that we can achieve extraordinary results by working creatively together, we have a pool of dedicated lawyers from which to draw knowledge, experience and expert opinion at a moment’s notice to provide cutting edge solutions.