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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property protection is a complex duty with aspects that may fall under the purview of various disciplines and sectors ranging from healthcare, financial, telecoms and IT. We help you protect what belongs to you whether it is trademarks, patents, trade secrets or even just employee know-how. We are also dedicated to protecting foreign intellectual property within the region. Our clients rely on us to give them the best possible representation in their IP cases and that’s what we will deliver.

The Impala Legal team advises on national and international IP enforcement strategies for clients and defends their IP rights vigorously where necessary. Our team arguably has unparalleled success in this sphere of IP litigation, we maximise the commercial value of clients’ IP assets and ward off unwelcome claims from third parties. Clients depend on the experience of Impala Legal’s lawyers in major IP litigation cases where our success stories speak for themselves.

The team also focuses on R&D, agency, distribution, franchising, sponsorship and other licensing agreements, as well as the related antitrust issues that arise.

We will comfortably be able to guide you through every step of any IP procedure and dispute.