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Litigation And Arbitration

Integrity – Speed - Creativity – Innovation – Results

Commercial disputes shouldn’t be an inevitable occurrence with organizations and businesses, but when they do happen, our army of lawyers is ready. No case is too big, too complex, too daunting. We tackle multifaceted, intricate and high value cases. Our clients rely on us to try these cases because of our ability to meticulously understand the issues and because we are able to communicate complicated concepts and present persuasive and compelling arguments. At all stages in the process we try to involve the client.

Our clients benefit from our deep experience and value the insight and creativity we bring to every assignment. We work to get the best solutions and outcomes. Impala Legal has acted for several companies in high-stake and complex commercial litigation and we have fostered and garnered a pre-emptive and cooperative bond with our clients significantly increasing the chances of an early resolution.

Our experienced partners have devised innovative litigation management tools to facilitate our expert service. We promote your commercial aims and employ the best alternative methods of dispute resolution saving you time and money.

Impala Legal’s commercial litigation experience is both deep and wide. Our reputation thrives on our ability and zeal to understand our clients’ businesses. The flexibility with which we operate allows us to be innovative and solution oriented. Our lawyers are accessible and business minded and able to help you minimize risk and increase value in your operations.

Impala Legal's Litigation and Arbitration team has distinguished itself as the choice for companies facing high-stakes and complex litigation and international arbitration. Whether we are defending the most high-profile class actions, navigating clients through multifaceted infrastructure and energy-related disputes, responding to catastrophic insurance claims, or protecting our clients’ contractual interests and cutting-edge technology, our aim is simple: produce cost-effective, winning results so our clients can focus on their business.

Our creative resolve also extends beyond the courts and formal arbitration. If we can convince the opponents about the error of their ways without the need for litigation, so much the better; our dispute resolution team comprises specialists and mediators, experienced in all forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to help you reach the optimal result for your company. At Impala Legal – whatever the dispute – you get a relentless advocate with in-depth experience in the subject at hand. We are proud of our track record of successfully protecting our clients’ interests. We stand ready to protect you, too.

Areas of Focus:

  • » Antitrust and Competition
  • » Arbitration
  • » Civil actions
  • » Class actions
  • » Commercial Litigation
  • » Energy, Construction and Infrastructure Litigation
  • » Employment and labour Litigation
  • » Financial Markets Litigation
  • » Insurance Litigation and Arbitration
  • » IP, Technology and Media Litigation
  • » Real Estate and Property Litigation
  • » White Collar and Government Investigations