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Legal representation of the manufacturing industry requires innovation, agility, insight, and pervasiveness – all hinging on the thorough understanding of our clients’ business models and the industries within which they operate. Clients in the manufacturing industry grapple with a myriad of business and legal issues on a daily basis, including brand protection, technical, design and intellectual property rights, product life cycles, warranties, research and development and revenue streams from maintenance. In a difficult economic climate, close consideration also has to be given to the management of supply chains. Legal support is required in a number of areas including complex dispute resolution, elaborate corporate restructuring, health and safety and environment, procurement and contracting and regulatory issues. Impala Legal skillfully navigates clients through these legal challenges in a variety of settings with success.

Our clients are responsible for developing, inventing, refining, manufacturing, maintaining, supplying and selling products worldwide. We invest time in order to understand their industries and find new opportunities when they become available, such as smart manufacturing and green technologies. Impala Legal is responsible for uncovering the stealthy issues plaguing our clients’ businesses and successfully resolving such issues or challenges. Working with clients we harness our legal expertise to create and implement roadmaps to achieve global marketplace competitiveness in the coming decades. Our lawyers offer innovative business and legal solutions to clients in manufacturing sectors including:

  • » Agribusiness
  • » Automotive and Other Transportation
  • » Chemicals and Petrochemicals
  • » Construction Materials
  • » Consumer Products
  • » Containers and Packaging
  • » Electronics, Technology and Telecommunications
  • » Fashion, Cosmetics and Apparel
  • » Food and Beverage
  • » Industrial Equipment and Components
  • » Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Products

Increasing threats from new products and brands from foreign markets combined with consistent pressure on margins can make the manufacturing sector a challenging one, but it is no problem for our team of talented lawyers. We share a great working relationship with some of East and Central Africa’s largest manufacturing companies placing us in the enviable position of being the “go to” firm for expert guidance on all legal matters related to consumer goods, brand protection, intellectual property, product safety, management of property portfolios, employment and labour issues, and tax and finance affairs.