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Real Estate And Conveyance

The East African property market is booming and Real estate transactions require in depth market knowledge, competency and commitment – all this comes naturally to us.

With the skill and experience to advise you on the complete range of real estate-related matters across the continent, Impala Legal lawyers have been recognized for their real estate knowledge. Given our experinece with real estate fund managers, sovereign wealth funds, domestic and foreign financial institutions, domestic and foreign equity investors, institutional investors, corporations and real estate developers trust our real estate team to deliver creative, efficient solutions that fulfill their strategic and financial objectives.

The real estate team at Impala Legal has acted for leading residential and commercial developers and banks providing superior service and expertise in an array of legal matters, as well as advising on practical development and management issues. This experience puts us in position to assist our clients execute complex transactions and benefit from the opportunities in East Africa through modern finance techniques which may involve public private partnerships among other options.

We handle everything from contested rent reviews, real estate negotiations to property disputes.

Areas of Focus:

  • » Acquisition and disposals (site assembly)
  • » Financing and organizational structure
  • » Procurement, design and construction
  • » Environmental, site condition analysis and remediation
  • » Zoning, planning and property use
  • » Selection of design, construction and supply providers and negotiation of related agreements
  • » Regulatory
  • » Planning, budgeting, insurance and development counseling
  • » Leasing, management and maintenance
  • » Property Litigation
  • » Tax advantaged investing