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Trusts, Estate Administration, Charities And Private Clients

The Impala Legal team combines a strong and broadly based commercial trusts practice with equally expert trusts, estate administration, charities and private client practices.

The team often works on matters originating from the firm’s pre-eminent corporate department, usually where a trust is part of the structure of a transaction or undertaking or a body of trustees is party to the transaction.

Individuals seek Impala Legal’s expertise when setting up trusts and making wills or gifts. Trustees rely on the firm’s advice on making distributions and changing the terms of their trust. Charities consult the team if they want to alter their constitution or are unsure whether they can make a particular type of grant.

At Impala Legal we have helped some of the Nation’s most well respected individuals and families through their entire estate planning process and have synthesized innovative tax plans to secure the achievement of our client’s goals with specific family values accounted for.

Many people still die without leaving a Will, often making dealing with the deceased’s estate difficult. At Impala Legal we can have your Will ready quickly and in a comprehensive understandable manner. We offer value, speed and a quality service. We retain a copy in our database so we are able to update your Will and inform you of any changes in law that may affects you. We also handle applications for letters of administration and probate.

Impala Legal has the experience and expertise to handle contentious probate claims which can be complex and emotionally sensitive. We ascertain whether there are grounds for a claim and if so we will pursue them to their final stage. Our lawyers are experts and we will complete the process of estate administration efficiently.

Over the years we have developed vast experience in the

  • » Processing of marriage certificates;
  • » Processing of both birth and death certificates;
  • » Processing of guardianship orders;
  • » Processing of adoption orders;
  • » Preparation of wills;
  • » Administration of estates;
  • » Processing and obtaining of both letters of administration and probate;
  • » Processing both custody and maintenance orders for children;
  • » Handling of petitions for divorce.